The Royal Aeronautical Society’s Aerospace Insight blog editor has named his all time Top 10 flying books:

  • Piece of Cake (Derek Robinson)
  • The Right Stuff (Tom Wolfe)
  • First Light (Geoffrey Wellum)
  • West with the Night (Beryl Markham)
  • Biggles Pioneer Air Fighter (W E Johns)
  • Propellerhead (Anthony Woodward)
  • Bomber (Len Deighton)
  • F-4 Phantom A Pilot’s Story (Robert Prest)
  • Night Flight (Antoine de Saint-Exupery)
  • Vulcan 607 (Rowland White)

Is the editor showing his UK bias?

Personally I can’t imagine a list of the best ever aviation books without at least some of the works of Richard Bach (and I’m not talking Jonathan Livingston Seagull). Books such as Stranger to the Ground, Biplane and Nothing by Chance are classics in their own right. And that’s just some of Bach’s flying works.

But what are your favourites? Let me have your Top Two or Three and we’ll put together our own Aussie-flavoured list.

Use the Comments below to share your favourites.   

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