The Royal Aeronautical Society held a Special General Meeting this week in London to consider the major changes to the Society’s Governance, Royal Charter and By-laws that had been recommend by the Society’s Council.

The members voted conclusively to accept the changes, which are now subject to the approval of the UK Charities Commission and the Privy Council.

For a Society founded in 1866 these changes were far reaching and bring about a much needed modernisation of the processes of Governance.

Amongst other changes they introduce a smaller Board of Trustees charged with the management of the day to day business affairs of the Society, leaving the larger Council to focus on the wider learned Society, industry and membership matters.

Amongst other things the changes re-define the relationships between the Society and its Division in Australia, re-affirming the independence of the Division and allowing it to focus on ensuring the Division plays its part in advancing the industry here in Australia.

The Australian Division President, Andrew Drysdale (pictured) said, “These changes were difficult for many of our longer serving members, some of whom have worked under the old Charter and Bylaws for more than 50 years, but it is time for change and, as the vote demonstrated, the Society is capable of rising to the challenge of change.

“The communication process to ensure the Society’s 17,000 members and affiliates located all over the world fully understood the detail of the complex changes, and the benefits to be derived, has been extraordinary.

“And again the results of the vote prove how successful that process was.”

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