Air Pacific has unveiled a new brandmark that will be used to represent the carrier when it relaunches as Fiji Airways next year.

The launch of the brandmark is the latest part of the airline’s restructuring and rebranding; a process that will also see the delivery of three new A330s.

At the centre of the new Masi symbol is a distinctive Teteva motif, which symbolises the airline, its values, and the spirit of Fiji.

As an integral part of the new ‘Fiji Airways’ brand, this Teteva was designed to represent spirituality, consideration of others, Fijian hospitality, and the connection that Fiji Airways will offer between Fiji’s many islands and the rest of the world.

“It was over a year ago that we started work on this ambitious project to re-brand our airline and design a new brandmark for the new Fiji Airways,” said David Pflieger, the airline’s CEO and managing director.

“While the new name had a lot of history associated with it, we decided that we wanted a new and distinctly Fijian symbol and brandmark that would help us best represent the country while also ensuring our planes stand out at some of the world’s busiest international airports.

“In short, we wanted a flying billboard for Fiji and its stunning 333 islands in the South Pacific.”

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