Last week, Sydney Airport hosted a demonstration of a new compact concealed object detection system that promises to be a cost-effective alternative to established screening systems.

The ThruVision TS4 passive full-body screening system is being promoted here as either a standalone screening device or as part of a fully integrated system including current technologies.

Local company Aviation & Logistics Security Solutions (ALSS) has marketing responsibility on behalf of the UK-based ThruVision Systems.

The TS4 is capable of locating conceaed objects on people in motion at distances between three and 15 metres. Instead of transmitting energy, the device operates by receiving natural TeraHertz energy from the person being screened and the environment immediately surrounding them.

ALSS says that this ensures safety and respects the privacy of those being screened.

Priced at roughly half the cost of conventional full-body scanners, the TS4 is capable of detecting metals, plastics, ceramics, liquids, gels and powders.

The equipment can be installed similarly to a CCTV system, either wall or ceiling mounted, or positioned within a floor stand; and it can be employed to screen a stream of people or an individual.

The demonstration was also carried out at Melbourne Airport and will be extended to other Australian airports over time.

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