Last week at its Global ATM Safety conference in Cape Town, CANSO presented Global Safety Contribution Awards to acknowledge those individuals who consistently plan, execute and enrich the CANSO Safety Program.

CANSO is the global umbrella organisation for air navigation service providers such as Airservices Australia and Airways New Zealand.

Amongst the recipients of the 2012 awards were some Australians.

Claire Marrison of Airservices Australia was recognised for “tireless work on the development of future SMS principles within the implementation and Evolution Guides for the SSC; revising the CANSO Standard of Excellence in SMS to align with ICAO Annex 19; and developing ideas for a future risk assessment process and safety by design principles”.

Max Bice, also of Airservices Australia, was recognised for “developing a groundbreaking runway incursion bow tie model used to gain agreement on runway safety improvement actions and terminology between CANSO and industry stakeholders; developing a Runway Safety Maturity checklist  and weighting system; and developing revised guidance on avoiding unstable approaches to further mitigate runway excursions”.

And Stephen Angus of Airservices Australia was recognised for “outstanding leadership and tireless support of and regional advocacy for the CANSO Safety Programme and SSC Members”.

Well done all.

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