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Sydney Airport: an economic powerhouse

A report shows that Sydney Airport contributes $30.8 billion to the economy.

Australian airlines lift international traffic

There's been a rare upturn in the share of international traffic flown by local airlines.

Bringing hypersonic travel closer

University of Sydney researchers will be working with the European Space Agency..

Airservices supports women pilots

Four women pursuing a career in aviation are closer to that dream thanks to Airservices.

Editor's Insights 30 April 2015

Aviation the career of choice; RA-AUS; and more.

Australia, South Pacific fleet to double

Airbus: the number of passenger aircraft based in our region will exceed 1200 by 2033.

Airbus talks up the A380

Airbus believes that there is still a big future for the flagship A380.

Editor's Insights 23 April 2015

CASA: the expectations; and more.

Virgin holds on-time performance lead

In March, on-time performance was considerably higher than long-term averages..

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