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Aviation Business editor Philip Smart

Airservices turns off ground based aids, and Airbus to update on technologies.

Steady passenger growth in Asia Pacific

Fiji Airways A330

Passengers benefit from expanding choice.

Queensland Gas contracts RPAS for pipeline inspection

The Queensland Gas Company has contracted Insitu Pacific for pipeline inspection with a ScanEagle Remote Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS).

ScanEagle is flying eight-hour missions on pipeline, plant inspection.

Embraer flies E190-E2 prototype ahead of schedule

Embraer has flown its 106-seat E190-E2 prototype ahead of schedule.

First of four prototypes takes to the air in Brazil.

Boeing opens B777X composite wing centre

Boeing's new Composite Wing Centre at its Everett facility features autoclaves large enough to hold two B737 fuselages.

Everett facility includes some of the world's largest autoclaves.

Gulfstream G650 claims Sydney to Los Angeles record

G650ER flies Sydney to LAX in under 13 hours.

Editor's Insights

Aviation Business editor Philip Smart

May/June edition hits the streets, and industry shows innovation across multitude of fields.

Industry committee to promote aerial mustering safety

The Australian Aerial Mustering Safety Committee (AMSC) will develop a common approach to risk identification and management in Australia's aerial mustering industry.

Industry and Flight Safety Foundation join forces to improve safety.

Tigerair joins Asia Pacific low-cost alliance

The Value Alliance combines the networks of eight Asia Pacific low cost carriers.

Value Alliance offers 160 destinations through any partner airline's website.

Woomera hypersonic launch achieves Mach 7.5

The HIFiRE 5b firing was one of a series of 10 flight experiments under the Australia-US collaborative project Hypersonic International Flight Research and Experimentation (HIFiRE) program aimed at investigating physical phenomena of flight at more than five times the speed of sound.

Hypersonic research pointing the way to high-speed airline travel.

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