Qantas loses billions but confident of the future

Qantas announces record loss but optimistic nonetheless.

The Week in Brief 28 August 2014

Sydney Convention Center helipad proposed, airport security boosted, urgent CASA briefing for Qld aeroengineers

Greg Marshall moves to FSF in the US

Australia's Greg Marshall has joined the FSF headquarters in tha US.

CASA approves Qantas and Virgin Australia PED exemption

Passengers clear fly gate-to-gate with devices powered-up.

Qantas brand endures as business struggles

Figures also suggest loyalties may be subject to generational turn over

Editor's Insights 28 August 2014

New CASA board members; last days for John McCormick; Qantas numbers; and more.

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Cyient pitches services to Australian aerospace

Technology firm promises faster development times

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    The plight of larger rural airports

    To look at the capital investment being poured into Australia's regional airports one might think that business is booming, but...

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