Defence Force recruiting drive underway

The ADF is looking for pilots for all three services.

Flight simulators: Perfection in search of improvement?

It's time to look more closely at the technology and the pros and cons it offers.

Skills: Nova Systems MD sees talent but not encouragement

Jim Whalley is determined to reinstate some of Australia's lost aerospace capability.

AviSkills project has BAE Systems Australia support

Australia’s aviation technical training has received a much-needed boost with the launch of AviSkills.

University of NSW seeks career paths for aviation graduates

The School of Aviation at the University of NSW is now turning out more than 90 graduates a year.

Skills training: Future challenges

On the face of things, there would appear to be no skills shortage in the aviation industry at the present time, but...

Can innovation and education save Australia's aerospace industry?

Will Australia be able to supply sufficient skilled people to support the future aerospace industry?

New technology aircraft: training issues

The concern is that the emphasis on physically 'flying' the aircraft has been reduced drastically and been replaced by 'operating' the aircraft, making pilots systems managers.

Airline pilot training and recruitment: Topical issues

The airline accident rate has plateaued and more growth at the same rate will lead to more accidents; so improved pilot selection and training present the next real opportunity to control and reduce accident rates.

Annual Education, Training & Recruitment Guide

Skills Training a major issue as industry competes for Gen Y’s attention.

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