Qantas: Reality and the lessons of history

Qantas has always attracted comment, but never more so than recently.

Qantas desperation on UK route revealed by stats

Qantas has slashed its flights to the UK causing passenger volume to fall by 30.2 per cent.

NZ operators hone rules for passenger safety

New Zealand’s operators face increased compliance costs to improve safety.

Qantas pursues 'smarter flying' with University of Sydney

Qantas and the University of Sydney are developing a flight planning system for optimised routes.

Air Pacific morphs for survival

Air Pacific’s financial accounts suggest the struggling carrier got a bargain when it bought three new A330s.

Air Pacific: new vision, fresh challenges

David Pflieger has breathed new life into Fiji’s flag carrier since he arrived from the States. Here he talks about the achievements so far and the strategy for the future.

Qantas explains A320 neo buy

Qantas's Alan Joyce, Jetstar's Bruce Buchanan and Airbus's John Leahy have elaborated on why the Group elected to buy the upcoming A320 neo.

Fleet strategy: getting it right

With several new aircraft being introduced and some well-publicised delays, Australasian airlines are finding fleet strategy challenging.

The global airline industry: from turbulence to clear skies?

The airline industry is looking ahead to clearer skies following recent years of severe turbulence in the sector.

Fleet strategies built on multiple factors

Assessing the fleet development plans of carriers in the Asia Pacific region.

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