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Victoria views aviation precinct as quantum leap opportunity

The Victorian Government is aiming to have all aerospace sectors working closely for mutual benefit.

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Canberra to host Airports Association conference

Canberra will host the 2016 Australian Airports Association National Conference in November.
Program will include more than 80 speakers across four days.


Avalon 2015 - The best ever?

This year's Avalon Airshow was perhaps the best ever staged.

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Technology drives security

Innovations in security technology are coming to airports near you.

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Composites: An update

The latest on the repair and maintenance of composite materials in airliners.


Hawker Pacific in strategic partnership to support regional growth

In October last year Hawker Pacific announced plans to enter into a strategic investment agreement with SEACOR.

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Aviation Australia, Hawker Pacific team on training

Aviation Australia and Hawker Pacific are partnering to offer portable engineering training packages.
Companies firm up partnership to pursue Asia Pacific, Middle East training markets.

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