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Victoria views aviation precinct as quantum leap opportunity

The Victorian Government is aiming to have all aerospace sectors working closely for mutual benefit.

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The plight of larger rural airports

To look at the capital investment being poured into Australia's regional airports one might think that business is booming, but...


Airbus 2012: Confident and innovative

Airbus has a new CEO, with Tom Enders having handed over to Fabrice Brégier and moved from Toulouse to head up the parent company EADS.

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Security: getting the efficiency/cost balance right

The cost of security is an ever increasing burden for airlines and airports.

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Qantas: Reality and the lessons of history

Qantas has always attracted comment, but never more so than recently.

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Composites: An update

The latest on the repair and maintenance of composite materials in airliners.


Hawker Pacific in strategic partnership to support regional growth

In October last year Hawker Pacific announced plans to enter into a strategic investment agreement with SEACOR.

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Defence Force recruiting drive underway

The ADF is looking for pilots for all three services.

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