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Victoria views aviation precinct as quantum leap opportunity

The Victorian Government is aiming to have all aerospace sectors working closely for mutual benefit.

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Queenstown welcomes Jetstar night flight plans

Jetstar joins Air New Zealand in Queenstown night flights to capture winter ski market


Avalon 2015 - The best ever?

This year's Avalon Airshow was perhaps the best ever staged.

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Technology drives security

Innovations in security technology are coming to airports near you.

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Qantas moves capacity from US to Asian routes

Lower than expected demand slows US route growth for Qantas

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Composites: An update

The latest on the repair and maintenance of composite materials in airliners.


Hawker Pacific in strategic partnership to support regional growth

In October last year Hawker Pacific announced plans to enter into a strategic investment agreement with SEACOR.

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Ready to get your hands on some of Australia's most sophisticated radar equipment?

A local resident from Miranda, Leading Aircraftman Joseph Lum joined the Royal Australian Air Force in 2007 as an Air Surveillance Operator.

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