5-star accommodation for Brisbane airport

Project to commence 2015 for Nov 2016 completion

The Week in Brief 31 July 2014

Newly rebranded Airbus Group Australia Pacific moves to Canberra

Airservices to expand ADS-B network

Industry called on to get fleets compliant by 2017

Editor's Insights 31st July 2014

CASA interviews; safe routing; regional airlines; and more.

CASA conducting audit of Qld regional airports

Exercise will check flight paths, navigation aids and identify potential hazards.

The market implications of safety perceptions

Shaken public may choose reputation over price

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Avatars to assist with bag drops

Checking in at the airport with your own personal avatar assistant will soon be possible.

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    The plight of larger rural airports

    To look at the capital investment being poured into Australia's regional airports one might think that business is booming, but...

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